Our Product

  “Kids’n Books” Age 2 + Enjoy fairy tales and old time stories along with original songs, animation and a lot of tapping!
It's not your original picture book nor video but a new educational app.
The fascinating "read to me" mode and interactive features will draw kids back to read again and again.
Comes in English and Japanese.
Ideal material for English studies.
  “Rhythm Tap” Age 5 to 8 Being able to play an instrument is everyone’s dream but so very challenging.
Some may give up music itself.
We have put together a music app that will fulfill any kid’s interest in playing music by simply having fun.
Tap the cute characters, get rewarded and you’ll be playing your favorite song in no time!
  “Rhythm Book” Age 8 month to 4 Learn and feel the rhythm by tapping instruments along with your favorite songs!
More than 100 kids songs from TV, cartoons, nursery rhymes in English and in Japanese.
Stimulate the young mind with genuine and real studio recorded music and sounds.
This app is designed to co-play between parents and child. Have fun together!
  “Rhythm Book Plus” Age 3 to 7 Sequel of “Rhythm Book”, adding fun, playful and challenging game features.
All instrument sounds and songs recorded live in studio performed by professionals and tuned it just right for the young ears, eyes and brain.
Enjoy an interactive, intuitive and a learning experience without realizing it! Can be played up to 5 people.